Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gadget Guru

Hey guys,
I've wanted to create a blog about gadget ever since I was a child but then I never had the time to try it out. Now since I'm free I would like to create this blog and make it a huge success. Let's see how things work out. Keep watching this blog for all the latest reviews,cell phone releases and all other geeky stuff. I hope you like it in the first case and love it in the second case. please keep visiting this blog. Lets see how things work out in the future!!!

The All New iphone

Hey guys,
It's hot news here in Macworld conference.You must all have seen through you news channels that the new iPhone 3g is faster,better and most importantly cheaper. Well it has come as a big surprise to all the gadget gurus that the iPhone has reduced its price by almost half which is great news for all the people out there.Imagine the new iphone 3g just costing around Rs. 9000 plus in the Indian market. According to Steve Jobs, the biggest competitors of the new iPhone are nokia n95 and the palm treo which are again great products. But compare the price of the latest iphone with that of the other such products. Nokia n95 costs around Rs.28000 while the palm treo costs around Rs.23000. The iphone just costs something around Rs.10000. Isn't that great? When did last see a wi-fi and 3g enabled phone selling for Rs.10000 or less. When did you last see a phone with a 3 inch screen that was sold for Rs.10000 or less. well doesn't that sound great? It's great news isn't it?
How many phones have created a wave in the mobile industry? may be one or two. How many phones have created a thunder in the industry? none other than the iphone. The new iphone has all the features that the predeccessor had. The first version did not have a very good camera. Infact it couldn't record videos. That was a great minus in the first version. But now the new iphone has a better camera with flash and also has video recording capabilities. That sounds sugar.
Well the other big dropout in the first version was that it lacked 3G capabilities which is again a great minus. Though we dont have 3g facilities in India, they are bound to come to India soon.But now the new iphone has 3g capabilities.
How many phones in the market have 8GB of internal storage? Well very few come with 8Gb of internal storage. The only ones that I remember are nokia n95 ,nokia n81,nokia n810 and Sony ericcson w960i. But they cost higher than the iphone.
The next big thing about the iphone is the interface which is simply superb. I can't think of anything better. can you just say one phone which has a better interface than the iphone. You definitely cannot. The simple reason is that the iphone has a revolutionary interface. It will take another two years for bigies like nokia and motorola to come up with such a interface. What an interface the iphone has?
The new iphone has even Advanced GPS system which is great news for business people. All in all the iphone has great features to make it big in the market. All the best iphone!!!

Nokia N81

Hey Dudes,
Today we are going to review the latest offering from the world of Nokia the N81. Well to start with this was an update of Nokia N80 which was released in U.S. Not in India. It has almost all the features that you can name including a 2MP camera with video recording, advanced GPS Module, Wifi, 3G, Highly functional music player and what not! Well this phone is a slider and has eight buttons on the top and a key pad down the front module. It has a navigation wheel introduced by Nokia for the first time in a phone. Well for all those apple fans and almost all geeks this wheel will be the first disappointment. Apart from the navigation wheel the other big minus for the phone is its slow processor and a bad battery manager. Well this phone comes with two versions of inbuilt memory either the 1GB or the 8GB is available with the phone.Well I would suggest you to not to try the 8GB version for a simple reason that the 8GB version gets stuck up very too often. Other I dont find any other reason why U shouldn't try the 8GB version. Well to start with the pluses, the biggest plus of the phone is its music Functionality. Well for starters this phone sounds great, simply superb. The other biggest plus is the camera a nice camera with all the features that you have in a camera cell phone. Well all the other featues are excellent and I would suggest this phone if you do not mind the navigation wheel. I would give this phone 3 out of 5 and a thumbs down for the funcionality.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Few IT companies offer the breadth and depth of products that Acer Group does.
Leveraging the vast collective technological resources available - Acer India (Pvt) Ltd., was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer Computer International Ltd. on 9th September 1999. Acer's mission in India is to translate the Group's goal of making computer technology easier to use and more affordable - to everyone in this country. With a focussed customer-centric approach, Acer in India is offering unmatched uptime for all it's systems through a vast network of Service points, innovative and user friendly functionality while continuously lowering barriers that limit the access to the fruits of technology.

Desktop PCs from Acer are ready to use 'straight out of the box' offering a wide range of value priced configurations for diverse segments. Servers from Acer cover the gamut from work-group users to enterprise users, are specifically geared to cope with the rigors of local conditions. The Acer Altos range of Servers offers a cost-of-ownership that is unmatched in its class. With its focus on Reliability & Manageability it has become a brand of choice on various critical applications. The innovative and intelligent power management systems available on Acer's range of TravelMate & Aspire Notebooks are but one of the unbeatable features that have made these sleek technological masterpieces global bestsellers. The International Traveler's Warranty gives all road warriors complete peace of mind, almost anywhere in the world. my second day in blogger 's .


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